Exec’s Two Cents: Introductions

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Welcome to Digital Ramblings: The DedicatedTeacher.com Blog – featuring a buffet of educational perspectives, technological tidings, classroom anecdotes, novel recommendations, and buoyant camaraderie. Here to kick start our blog is DedicatedTeacher.com’s CEO and founder, Kevin J. Davies, a former educator/principal.

In 2000 I launched DedicatedTeacher.com as a new way for teachers and parents to purchase supplemental educational materials. Long before eBooks became a household word (with thanks to a company named after a major river in South America, and another named after a popular fruit…), we opened with 100 eBooks from one publisher – Teacher Created Materials. We now feature over 46,000 digital products from over 230 of the finest educational publishers in the world. Last year our customers visited from over 200 countries worldwide.

I started DedicatedTeacher.com with the belief that, no matter what we built, it had to be supported by two very important pillars: superior customer experience and excellent customer support. Over the past 12 years we have never lost focus of these two pillars and have continually made changes and additions to our site that reflect this ongoing commitment.

New Improvements
The launch of our new website (including this blog) further enhances the customer experience; one example is the ease of which you can now refine your searches. As our collection has grown, so too has the number of results we present you from a basic keyword search. Doing a search for “phonics” currently yields over 800 products. Easily choosing grades, subjects and publishers (from a friendly interface found on the left hand side of every search results page), you can now refine your search quickly and efficiently.

Another example is the creation of our novel pages. The bestselling items in our eStore are consistently from our extensive collection of literature guides (a.k.a. novel study guides). We currently feature over 4200 of these guides but once again, finding exactly what you want has become more and more challenging as our collection has grown. The launch of our Novel Pages section gives you instant access to a full list of the novels for which we sell teaching materials. Many of our novel pages also feature summaries – another great addition to our site that originated from a suggestion by a customer.

Thank you
Our growth would not have been possible without the ongoing support and encouragement from our publishers. Back in 2000 many of them looked at me with complete puzzlement when I approached them at a trade show and asked if we could sell their products in a digital format. “What is an eBook?” “Will anyone buy eBooks?” “You want us to do what?!” were just some of the common responses. And yet, these digital pioneers believed in us and were willing to explore new and innovative ways to get their quality materials into the hands of our customers. What is now quite commonplace was, at the time, somewhat “bleeding edge”. Knowing that our customers sometimes like to shop by specific publisher only, we have also enhanced our publisher pages.

Despite the important role our publishers play in our continued growth, we would certainly not be still selling digital products to teachers and parents worldwide if not for the amazing loyalty and support from you – our valued customers. Your suggestions and feedback have helped us grow and improve, and for that we are extremely grateful. You continually challenge us to make our website even better. We appreciate and welcome your feedback – be it positive or negative.

So, how are we doing?
What improvements to our new site are great? What are we missing? How can we continue to build you an amazing customer experience when shopping for digital products? Please let me know by commenting below.

We close every e-mail response from our Customer Service Department with some simple, heartfelt words that speak volumes of our appreciation for our customers. It only seems fitting for me to close our very first blog posting with the same sentiment.

Thank you for shopping at DedicatedTeacher.com – we appreciate your business.



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